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Our Story

Bubble tea is a popular drink amongst all generations and is known to be enjoyed all year round. However, with the current labour shortage and inconsistent production of bubble teas, ‘RoboTea’ is the solution to these problems. The ‘RoboTea’ system will be installed with bubble tea recipes that have been created and designed to ensure each cup is perfect within 2 minutes.

Since 2019, JnS Robotics has paved their way in hospitality and food technology industries to support and provide services to businesses that were interested in incorporating robotic-based technologies. We are now looking to expand the business and introduce a franchisable robot model that serves bubble tea. Our ‘RoboTea’ provides an answer to the labour shortage that businesses are currently facing in our current marketing situation and with ‘RoboTea, you will be able to be part of a thriving business and be guaranteed full support throughout this business venture.

Fruity Bubble Tea
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