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The Taste of Future

Fresh. Flavorful. Fabulous.

All About Us

'Robotea' is a subsidiary robot brand launched by JnS Robotics, in hope to be further developed as a franchisable business model. 

The 'Robotea' is a bubble tea kiosk that has been equipped with mechanisms like a robotic arm,  self-serve ordering kiosk system, and an automated dispensing system (for the ingredients) to ensure customers are able to consume their favourite bubble teas.

Black Tapioca Balls

Our Menu

Sip of Joy

Boba Tea Selection

Milk Tea

We pride ourselves in crafting the perfect combinations to create our rich and satisfying milk tea.

Colorful Bubble Teas

Fruit Tea

 Awaken your senses with a perfect brewed of tea, fruit flavor syrup and jellies to give you the best freshness.

Black Bubble Tea

Brewed Tea

We are cup believers! At Robotea, our blissful cups include only the best ingredients.

Do you have a space (4 square meter) at your current shop?

Are you looking for franchise business opportunity at reasonable price?

Do you need extra income apart from your current job?

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Strawberry Milk Tea

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